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PINAR consulting

is an international  laboratory of urban design and research, whose activities are focused on projects of the residential development and redevelopment of urban area. Urban and architectural design, analysis and consulting are carried out on the basis of European and own research of systems for assessing the quality of the urban environment and the effectiveness of various models of residential development.


Introducing new typologies of residential development on the Russian market with a high level of functioning quality and comfort, in order to achieve efficient use of urban areas, a quick return on investment and conditions for the development of the middle class.

We believe that a professional approach and a sincere desire to improve the quality of  citizens' life make an important contribution to the improvement of our cities and the environment, which are a source of invaluable wealth.

about company

PINAR consulting is formed as a result of the merger of practical and scientific activities and originates from the company “Architectural Bureau “Pinar ”, founded in 2000.
The result of the Bureau, with more than 20 architects and engineers, is more than 300 architectural and urban development projects implemented in the Russian Federation.
Since 2013, the company has been focusing on scientific research in the field of advanced European theories and practices for assessing the effectiveness and quality of residential quarters.
From 2014 to 2018 the founders of the company conduct research at the Faculty of Architecture, University La Sapienza, Rome.

As a result of scientific research, the company expands the range of competencies and since 2018 carries out the expert analysis of development projects at any stage of design and construction, develops optimal indicators and spatial strategies for the effective development of the site, performs master planning and architectural projects.


We've created an integrated system for assessing the effectiveness of the selected morphological model. During its development, the results of many international researches, as well as our own researches in the field of quantitative e qualitative parameters of the urban environment and the adaptation of European models to the Russian context, were used. 
Our knowledge is based on many years of project and scientific experience, internship results in Finland, Italy, Holland and France, as well as participation in international programs.

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